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Monastery of Evaggelismos

In Lefkada

Everyday : 06:00 -20:00,   Weekend : 06:00 - 20:00,   Holidays : closed

The monastery of Evaggelismos ('the Annunciation') is located in Lefkada, near the village Xylosyrti, few kilometers outside Agios Kirykos. It was built in 18th AD century by two Kollyvades, fathers of Mount Athos: the monk Nephon and Makarios Notaras. Then, pirates in the Aegean at that time, the fathers fled to Ikaria and erected the monastery dedicated to the Annunciation ('Evaggelismos'). Makarios Notaras, who later was declared a Saint, spent a long time in the monastery and became eremite in a cell.The monastery was a priory with 25 brothers, but soon, due to poverty from piracy at the time, the fraternity had to leave Ikaria and the monastery and went to Skiathos, where he built a new church.The restoration of the monastery, became later by three spiritual children trained by Nephon: Agathon, Sisoe and Apollo. In 1955 AD, the monastery became wholly feminine and nuns settled in.

From an architectural point, the monastery is a square with 20 cells, it has a dining room, two guesthouses, a lot of auxiliary spaces and inside, it has a wooden temple with scenes from the Old and New Testaments. The library of the Monastery has been famous in the past, but today there are kept few books, since 1950 AD, when the monastery was deserted again and169 great books were delivered for safekeeping in High School of Agios Kirykos.

The gate of the monastery was always open, according to locals, even at night, so that believers could enter whenever they needed it.Today, the chapel of St. Makarios is preserved, together with the mosaic images and the ruins of his cell. Beneath the floor of the church, his ossuary is found.

Few meters away from the main church,  the remains of the women's confessional are preserved, together with two watermills, an oil press and an 'arsenal', where the monks had their boats.

The monastery Evaggelismou in Lefkada celebrates on March 25th.

Contact details:

tel. (+30) 22750 22549


Leaving the village Agios Kirykos and going towards to Xylosyrtis, in Lefkada area, above the main road, you can see on your right the monastery.

Access is only by private car, taxi or on foot.

37° 35' 55.791" N, 26° 15' 56.165" E
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