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Monastery Evaggelistrias Mavrianou

In Vrakades

Everyday : 06:00 -20:00,   Weekend : 06:00 - 20:00,   Holidays : closed

The Monastery Evaggelistrias Mavrianou, is located few kilometers away from Vrakades, on the western side of the island.It is dedicated to the Annunciation. Its construction is estimated around the end of the18th AD century and has been completely abandoned since 1960.

From an architectural point of view, it has not a special interest. There remains only the base of a marble pillar and various pieces of marble and clay, that show the existence of an ancient temple or settlement, in the current position where the monastery is found. In the monastery there are 10 cells, but today they are not inhabited. In the Catholic, one can see a wooden iconostassis, dating around 1820 and an image of the Virgin, which stands an inscription to Virgin Mary.

The Monastery Evaggelistrias Mavrianou celebrates on March 25th.


To reach the monastery, take the main coastal road from Nanouras and few meters of dirt road. Another way, is through the village Vrakades, from the main road from Christos Raches and few kilometers of dirt road.

Access is only by private car, taxi or on foot.

37° 34' 7.502" N, 26° 0' 29.369" E
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