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Castle of Perdiki

In Perdiki

Open all year outdoors.

The Castle in the village Perdiki or otherwise Kefalas Castle or Castle of Lefa as the locals call it, is a few minutes outside the village of Perdiki in a spectacular hillside, a solid rock, the 'Kefala'. 'Access to it is a path that leads to Faros, passing through the village Skales, with old dilapidated houses from 1940 and the picturesque church of St. Savvas. All the houses reflect the unique traditional architecture, built in the form of 'hyto'.

Information for visitors

  • Access is not possible for people with reduced mobility.
  • There are no toilets for the public at the archaeological site.
  • There is no parking for private vehicles.
  • There is no shop in the archaeological site.
  • There are no organized visits.


Free for all visitors.


Access to the castle is only on foot. After following a dirt road from Perdiki, you can continue on foot towards Agia Paraskevi.

37° 40' 6.836" N, 26° 18' 40.315" E