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In the trails of the island, nature lovers will discover another dimension of the island' wild nature. Not only is the "view from above" that will carry you as you cross the ridge, going from one end of the island to another. Not only is the wild beauty of the rocky island, you will encounter the many paths it has, but also, it is the magic of nature, a miracle, the island of wind!

Many of these trails are not signalized, which means you should take extra care during hiking or go along with someone who knows every path, or even better contact the Hiking Mountaineering Association of Ikaria, which often organizes trips, so you do not encounter a serious problem and not a hazard during your hike.

So, prepare yourself properly and get organized with all necessary equipment, including proper attire, because of the difficult terrain and weather conditions and changes in prevailing weather many times from region to region. Also, bring with you water and food, which is necessary for such trips, do not forget of course to bring a camera with you and all the landscapes you will meet, will be forever etched in your memory.

Don't forget to close the iron/wooden gates ('pories') that you meet, during hiking!