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2nd Ikaria Run 2015

2nd Ikaria Run 2015 5km & 10km

After the first successful event in 2014 we expect you again to the 2nd Ikaria Run with another new match that of 10km.

In the picturesque village Plagia Ikaria, located in the center of the island, in two racing distances 5km & 10km full of fluctuations of the slope and the altitude and overlooking the Icarian Sea across the way.

Ikaria Run 2015, Road Race 5km & 10km

Saturday, August 1st, 2015 at 18:30 in the afternoon on the island of Ikaria.

On our site you will find an almost complete guide with information on the race, on the island of Ikaria, and how you speak it.

Information - Records the site:

Contact us at email:

Responsible for the organization: Vangelis Kotsampas


IkariaRun Official Video

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