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Joey's Writing Retreats

Dear Reader and Ikaria Lover,

I would like to share with you my latest, fantastic news: finally I have my work, my vision, my mission and my retreats online available in English! I'm proud and amazed by the result. So I hope you don't mind me telling you all about it. 

Please feel invited to travel your way through and maybe you'll find yourself back in Ikaria sooner than expected! And if ever you had questions about my life and work on Ikaria, then here you have your answers: All The Things that you didn't Know about Me are summarized on my personal website page :-)

Should you know anyone that might be interested in one of my retreats, or if you have a friend or co-worker in need of a book coach, a transformational coach or some personal guidance, please forward this mailing. You might just really help somebody by the simple action of "connecting by clicking".

To be honest, I feel like a baby-bird just flown out of its nest, finding my way into the world. So whenever you can, please share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or forward this e-mail to your mail contacts. I

t would mean a lot to me. Help me to spread my wings! 

Grateful for your sharing

Sending you some Magnificent Love from Ikaria Wonderland


See Joey's full page here.



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