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THE EGG 2017 Workshops

Welcome to this years Workshops, Retreats & Seminars 2017

YOGA RETREAT – PureFitness
FROM 24. - 29. June 2017

With Fotini Bitrou

Ikarians are running at 100! The phenomenon of longevity is noted in Ikaria. International scientists, have turned their strong interest to learn, what it is that manages to make Ikarians not only centenarians, but also to have very good physical condition and health even at a hundred years old! Lot of energy, the perfect place doing Yoga. In the 6-day yoga retreat at Ikaria, you will use yoga techniques to deepen your contact with the positive qualities inside you. Fotini will work intensively with the breath and the use of gravity to enable the practitioner to flow through practice with ease and softness.


FROM 1. - 7. July 2017

With Lilly Breininger & THE EGG & Ikaria Surf School

THE EGG and IKARIA SURF SCHOOL are inviting you for one week pure fun and endless activities in the studio and on the beach. Together with Mrs. Lilly Breininger, our AcroYoga teacher for this and last years camp we will start the mornings with AcroYoga classes and continute surfing on Ikarias top surf beach next door with Isidoros and Vassilis.


FROM 2. - 7. September 2017

With Kat Pugowska, assisted by Katya Verbrugghe

During six days of retreat on the beautiful, rejuvenating island of IKARIA we will use the map of 5Rhythms® to explore and play with polarities of our heart. We will rest in each Rhythm and let ourselves be nourished by each so it naturally speaks through our own physical bodies, taking us to its essence, all the while enjoying the yumminess of the Greek land.


From 10. - 17. September 2017

With Joey Brown and Katrin Gerner

We examine how our mind and our body really work, and how we can (re-)connect them. Goal: to have our minds and bodies dance together! By means of daily writing practice, meditation, the basics of contact dance and soft body work you’ll learn to renew the contact with your Inner Self. From your core you’ll learn how to reach out towards others.

You’ll learn, by means of constellation work and expressive tools, to see through old pains, patterns and habits. As soon as you shed light on the blockages that kept you  a prisoner of your own life, you will notice how easy it is to let go.



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