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'The Sifouni' wine tours

    For Small Groups

Starting in the scenic town of Armenistis, we take a short drive to Agios Polykarpos village, where we visit the House of Honey to learn about Ikaria’s famous pure, nutritious honey. We taste the local varieties, see traditional clay hives and learn about ancient methods of bee-keeping which locals still follow today.

Our next stop is the family-owned Afianes Winery in the lushly forested inland village of Profitis Ilias. There, you will enjoy unique organic wines, traditionally made in pirate-proof granite cellars and clay jars buried under the earth. Visit the quaint folk museum, learn about the winery’s proud history, and let the owners entertain you with stories of ancient Dionysian myths in their outdoor amphitheater, just as the sun sets. You can then take the memories home by purchasing a bottle or more of your favorite wines.

Next, we visit Christos, the mountain center of the Raches area. Known as ‘Asterix Village’, it is famous for the incredible longevity of its people, the shops that open late into the night and, best of all, its relaxed atmosphere. We will have plenty of free time to meet and chat with the locals, as well as taste, sniff and buy local organic herbs, homemade cosmetics, marmalades, ceramics and more.

Share in the Icarian lifestyle by having a few glasses of wine or ouzo, and taste local dishes in the traditional village cafes and taverns that surround the vibrant village square.

Departure                From  Armenistis  at 17.00h
Minimum  12 persons
Maximum  18 persons
Guiding in English

Reservations  13.00h the day before the tour starts ,at the latest (contact us for dates)

Information/reservations :LESSES TRAVEL(Dolihi Tours Service), Armenistis
Daily                               10.00h-13.00 & 19.00-21.00
Phone                          0030 22750 71474 – 0030 6974176551
Email     [email protected]

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