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Church of Agia Irini

The church of Agia Irini is located in the archaeological site of Kampos, the village which was the ancient capital of the island, known as Dolichi or Oinoe. This is one of the most important monuments of Ikaria.

According to studies, the church was rebuilt between the 11th and12th AD century, from materials that were the ruins of an early Christian basilica of the 4th century and was located in the position that now the church stands. Today, pillars of this old church are rescued and some murals.

From an architectural point of view, according to the Greek Ministry of Culture,'' the church belongs to the type of simple four-column cruciform. It is a rectangular in plan, the arms of the cross are roofed with gabled roofs and cross-checking, based on a simple square pillars, towering dome with an octagonal drum. Angular houses roofed with pitched roofs, while the east formed a triple arch on a five synthronon internally. On the west side of the church adjoins a narthex, on the west side of which was formed pillars open portico, of which survive intact four columns in contact with the west wall of the narthex and the bases only in the second row of columns in front of them. The roof of the church is covered with slate, while the masonry is not evident, due to the coating of the walls plastered with''.


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Kampos, 83302 Ikaria
tel: +30 22750 32935, +30 22750-24001
Official Unit: 21st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities

Tel.: +30 22730-62811,+30 22730-62813



To reach the church and the archaeological site of Kampos, take the main asphalt road Evdilos-Armenistis. Access is only by private car, taxi or on foot.

37° 37' 36.559" N, 26° 9' 33.847" E
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