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Monastery of Agios Onoufrios

In Mavrato

The monastery is located between the villages Oxe and Mavrato. It is an important component of the history and culture of Ikaria. Today there are ruins of cells and a marble inscription on the outer gate of the monastery which is marked " 1809 March 16 O.P.O.E.EL " and a picture of St. Onoufrios inside the monastery. According to tradition, it is known that Konstantinos Maurikos lived in the monastery in 1840.

Visitors to the monastery can admire the unique trikochis roof, where the first level has a square shape, the second round and the third octagonal. Around the monastery, the remains from the gardens and vineyards, cultivated by monks, are found and ruins of the furnace, where monks baked ceramic,like jars, which they used to sell. Also, an ancient oilpress, is founs, that was used to produce oil from olive trees.

Next to the monastery, you can admire the tree 'Perikathe', which in Ikarian dialect is called a species of hawthorn (Crataegus Monogyna), that grows in the highlands of Ikaria. In English, it is called hawthorn or hornapple or hawberry and its fruit is very beneficial for the human body.


To reach the monastery, take the main asphalt road Agios Kirykos-Evdilos and it stands above the road.

Access is only by private car, taxi or on foot.

37° 38' 14.251" N, 26° 17' 10.99" E
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