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Castle of Koskina

In Kossoikia

The Castle of Koskina is located near the village Kossoikia, few kilometers outside Evdilos, approximately in the middle of Ikaria. Located on a hill named Kefalas, with a spectacular view across all the island, also called the Castle of Nikaria.

It used to be a protective fortification of Dolichi and its reputation as an impregnable fortress was spread everywhere. Built by the Byzantines in the 10th century, in order to have sight of the entire neighborhood and the sea routes of communication.

The castle eventually fell into the hands of the Genovese, after betrayal, despite the fierce resistance of the inhabitants, even the women fought, as shown by studies. The attack and occupation of the castle was the period between 1362-1481, while the history of the castle still stands today in folk songs, most famous the "poem of the fall", which describes the conquest of the castle of Koskina by the Genovese.

Today, there are preserved only some parts of the wall of the castle, while the interior is maintained by the church of St. George Dorganas, with aisled vaulted basilica, where inside are found the columns of ancient buildings.

Information for visitors

  • Access is not possible for people with reduced mobility.
  • There are no toilets for the public at the archaeological site.
  • There is no parking for private vehicles.
  • There is no shop in the archaeological site.
  • There are no organized visits.


Free for all visitors.


To reach the Castle of Koskina, take the main asphalt road Magganitis-Evdilos till Kossoikia village. From there, follow a dirt road for a few kilometers and then on foot through a rough path. Access is only by private car, taxi or on foot.

37° 35' 30.939" N, 26° 10' 22.485" E