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Volunteer work 2018

Dear all,

We have informed you already, that another “volunteer holiday” is taking place on Ikaria from 07 – 11 May 2018.

This time we are cooperating with the Ikarian hiking club “Opsikarias” and the project is called the “Transikarian Trail”. This means: we are helping to mark the trail between Drakano and Perdiki on the Southern side of the island.

For the volunteer time, we have made arrangements for accommodation on Ikaria: in Agios Kirikos, Therma and Faros. In addition to it, car rental is offered at a special price; the same goes for renting a scooter. The documents in the annex are giving you more detailed information on accommodation and travel possibilities.

In addition to it, we would like to inform you with this e-mail about the programme and the equipment you have to bring.

In general we will hike and work every day from Monday till Friday. Depending on our condition and progress we made, we will work about 4 hours per day. “Work” means: marking the path and cleaning it, where necessary. It is a “light” work and you don’t need a special ‘physical condition’ in order to participate.

We are very happy that further volunteers from Ikaria will join this activity.

Our guides will be Xenia and Angelos from the Ikarian Hiking Club “Opsikarias” (Facebook page) . They will explain the trails and their history to us.

We will start on Monday, 07 May 2018. We will meet at 10 a. m. at “Evon’s rooms” in Faros. Here we will have an introduction into the programme of the week. Afterwards we will start the work.

The meeting points and starting times for the following days, will be discussed on the spot.

Besides the work on the path, we have prepared the following offers for you:

  • Dinner at the restaurant “Pergialidi” in Little Livadi. The owner is Nicholas Koundoupis, our famous cook, who had been with us at the Ikarian Days 2016 and 2018.
  • Introduction into the world of “hiking trails” on Ikaria
  • Introduction into the herbal world of Ikaria; visit of bee hives/making of honey;
  • Visit to the winery of Afianes; you tasted his wine at the “Ikarian Days in Brussels” in 2016 and 2018;
  • Yoga and meditation offered by Simone “Mindfulness Ikaria”
  • ….and of course you will have enough time to enjoy the beauty of Ikaria and its hot springs in Therma and in the surrounding.

These offers are optional. We decide on the spot, how to arrange the programme – “Ikarian way” ……

Please note, that the additional activities are not covered by the “volunteer programme” and may be charged (we don’t have the complete overview yet.)

How to pack for the “volunteer holiday”?
As your are only facing “light” work in the mountains, we recommend the following equipment:

Long trousers comfortable for hiking;
Comfortable hiking boots – a solid shoe sole is obligatory
Light Tshirt with long sleeves (against sunburn)
Sun hat
Sun cream
Small backpack

For your travel arrangements:
Please note: a Panigyri is taking place on Monday, 14 May, in the area of Christos Raches.

For more information you may contact us via mail or facebook (Mail:

Feel free to be spontaneous and join us. Places are still available. We would be more than happy to have you in our group. Feel free to share the message – via Facebook or mail.

Happy to see you soon,

Birgit, Secretary General, “Friends of Ikaria”

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