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'Working holidays' in Ikaria

The "working holiday" is offering the possibility to introduce Ikaria to you as a place to go, to meet local people and pure nature, to discover the beauty of the hiking paths, the hot springs and the swimming spots. 

The idea is to help the local people to build and mark the hiking path from Faros to Propezoulopi (Menhir) to Xilino (Katafygi), as this is a crucial hiking path on the Southern side of the island. As the South of Ikaria is missing good hiking possibilities (easy access and good marks), this path offers access to the network of other hiking trials on the island.

The idea is, that the volunteers coming from Europe AND the Ikarians will work on this path for about 4 hours/day (cleaning, marking it). It will be an easy work, not dangerous at all, but it will need some efforts. After a week considerable progress might be achieved and it would demonstrate that “things” can happen, if people work together (“oli mazi”).

Nobody is obliged to volunteer: The group may also consist of people, who do not want or cannot work on the hiking path. Perhaps they will find other tasks in order to support the work (e. g. cleaning the beach to prepare it for the season).

Write us an e-mail to get further details of the programme: [email protected]

Places are still available, but hurry up!

The event will take place on April 9 to 16 from 10am.

Check the Facebook event page.

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